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Edward L. Bove M.D., Professorship Fund in Cardiac Surgery - 731632

Cardiac Surgery

The Professorship shall be awarded to a faculty member whose primary appointment is within the Depatment of Cardiac Surgery. The intention of this Fund is to create an endowment in the Department of Cardiac Surgery, to provide tangible support in perpetuity for the research endeavors of a faculty member in the Department of Cardiac Surgery, a Department whose inaugural Chair is Dr. Edward L. Bove.
Until the Professorship is established, endowment distributions shall be added to the principal of the Fund to permit the Fund to grow as rapidly as possible. Thereafter, any surplus distributions during any period may be accumulated for use for the above stated purposes, may be added to the principal of the Fund, or may be used to support research projects for the same purposes as stated above, at the discretion of the Chair of Cardiac Surgery. Expenditures from distributions of the endowment will be for the purposes stated above at the discretion of the holder of the Professorship, in compliance with University policy on such expenditures.
The Dean of the Medical School shall be responsible for carrying out the intended purpose of the Fund. The Professorship may be established and an incumbent placed in it before it is fully funded as determined in the discretion of the Chair of Cardiac Surgery in consultation with the Dean of the Medical School, but not earlier than the date ("Date") on which both of the following conditions have been met:
(a) The amount of gifts to the Fund, including added distributions, on such Date equals or exceeds 50% of the minimum funding level in effect at the time under then existing University policies and procedures for the Professorship, and
(b) The University has received pledge commitments, all of which are payable in full within five years following such Date, for the balance of the required funding.
Incumbents for the Professorship will be selected in accordance with University policy and practices governing faculty appointments and in accordance with the principles of academic freedom.
If the University has not received sufficient aggregate gifts and pledges within ten years of the date of this Gift Agreement, the University may, instead of establishing a full professorship, establish a research professorship, a faculty development professorship or an endowed faculty research fund honoring Dr. Edward Bove. In the event the purpose of the Fund is so modified, the name of the Fund shall be modified as appropriate. However, if at a later date the value of the Fund grows to the minimum funding amount that will permit the establishment of a professorship (or, if applicable, a higher level professorship position), the purpose and name of the Fund and of the Professorship shall be accordingly revised.

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James C. Stanley Professorship in Vascular Surgery - 570858

Vascular Surgery Section

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Joe D. Morris, M.D. Collegiate Professorship in Cardiac Surgery - 571111

Cardiac Surgery

To fund faculty salaries in Cardiac Surgery. It is our intent to bring the total gifts for the Professorship to one million dollars and complete the funding for the amount currently needed to establish a Research Professorship.
Should changes develop in the course of time, we understand you will use the Fund as closely as possible to the above stated purpose.
Dr. Morris was a pioneer participant in the birth of heart surgery in the 1950's. He was faculty at the University of Michigan from 1968-1993 and served as the head of thoracic surgery at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital from 1971-1985. As a humanitarian, he never overlooked that the advances in cardiac surgery were in great part responsible by brave patients. Dr. Morris formed an alliance with Dick Sarns of Sarns, Inc. to create new innovations and improvements in cardiac surgery instrumentation. This collaboration helped produce an array of cannulas, dilators, oxygenators, valves, sternal saw and a heart pump. One of Dr. Morris' greatest achievements was the aortic arch canula. 

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John R. Pfeifer Collegiate Prof-Vascular Surgery - 570844

Vascular Surgery Section

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Judge Clinical Tutorship, Cardiovascular Medicine - 571315

Int Med-Cardiology

Endowment gift fund to establish an endowed tutorship in honor of Dr. Richard Judge

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Kim A Eagle, M.D. End Prof'ship-Cardiovascular Med - 316323

Int Med-Cardiology

To support the Kim A. Eagle, M.D. Endowed Professorship in Cardiovascular Medicine ("Professorship") in the University's Medical School.

An incumbent shall be appointed to the Professorship, and the Fund shall thereupon support the Professorship, when the following conditions have been satified:
the value of the Fund then equals or exceeds 50% of the minimum funding level in effect at that time under then existing University policies and procedures for the Professorship, and the University has received pledge commitments payable within five years of the balance of the required funding.

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Melvyn Rubenfire Professorship in Preventive Cardiology - 571555

Int Med-Cardiology

As a child, Dr. (Melvyn "Mel") Rubenfire's family taught him that "anything is possible if you have integrity, good idea, and are willing to work hard." It is these principles that have been a constant in his 36-year career in cardiology in the State of Michigan, and the last 15 years at the University of Michigan.

"My first medical role models included my father-in-law, Dr. Hyman Mellen, and some of the finest clinical physician internist-educators, who emphasized treating people not diseases," he remembers.

After being one of the first trainees at Henry Ford Hospital to spend an extra year dedicated to cardiac catheiterization, Dr. Rubenfire a cardiac catheterization laboratory and cardiac intensive care program. He was part of a cutting-edge team led by Dr. Adrian Kantrowitz, the inventor of the intro-aortic balloon pump. Over the next 20 years, Sinai became nationally recognized for innovation and excellence in cardiovascular care, research, and education.

Throughout his career, Dr. Rubenfire has helped to implement numerous nationally recognized novel clinical and research programs. He is a highly published writer and national leader in preventive cardiology, clinical lipidology, and the American College of Cardiology. During his tenure at U-M, he has developed many unique patient-care and research efforts:
which incorporates stress reduction, meditation, nutrition, and exercise into the medical model of care. the Cardiovascular Executive Program and the Life Style Enhancement Program, each designed to assess risks and optimize life style and medical treatments to prevent cardiovascular disease; Psych-Cards: a joint program between psychiatry and cardiology; and Family Heart Disease: a joint program between pediatric and adult cardiology. a multi-disciplinary effort to diagnose and treat pulmonary hypertension. In addition to the roles of clinician and researcher, Dr. Rubenfire has also been a well-regarded teacher. He has mentored and inspired a long line of internists and cardiologists who have gone on to distinguished careers of their own.

Despite his many outstanding achievements, individual successes have not been the driving force in Dr. Rubenfire's career. Much of his work has been dedicated to cultivating multidisciplinary teamwork. For Dr. Rubenfire, the success of the program/institution and ultimately improved patient care has always been the goal.

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